05 January 2009

More WTL resources

Using the Windows Template Library articles by R. Mack
After a promising start which builds from an empty WinMain(), it peters out after a couple of examples. Still, it's worth reading to see how simple it is to start pulling in WTL bits.

WTL Makes UI Programming a Joy articles (Zip files with a Word doc and zipped source) by Chris Sells, Dharma Shukla, and Nenad Stefanovic
Stefanovic is the creator of WTL, and while dated, these articles are worth reading to get a little deeper into WTL.

A page of WTL links in the Philippines which includes Eamon Tuathail's humbling WTL Developer's Guide in PDF: highly recommended.

Finally, a WTL tip: if you're like me, you build with Warning Level set to Level 4 (/W4) and with Treat Warnings As Errors set to Yes (/WX). To get rid of those C4996 warnings, define _SECURE_ATL.

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