27 May 2008

A couple of observations

Whatever your politics, I offer a couple of observations for consideration:

John McCain's limited, highly controlled access to his medical records is probably a good indicator of how open his administration would be. Ditto for releasing tax returns months after Clinton and Obama, the latter being first (and least affluent of the three).

Barack Obama's organized and disciplined campaign is probably a good indicator of how organized and disciplined his administration would be. In the same vein, Hillary Clinton's campaign reflects poorly on her administrative skills.

Okay, so we get some things right...

More info here:

OMG!! Parachute!!!! Photo!!!!!!

Too frackin' cool...

13 May 2008


Childish superstition: Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear

No more being subjected to that "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." quote. 'Nuff said.

12 May 2008


350. Pass it on. More here and here.

Been takin' a break...

Now that the crises have mostly died down and we're no longer trying to get everything duct-taped together enough to make it through wide-area testing (seriously), I've been on a "less computer time" kick, hence the gap since my last post.

I've even cut my RSS feeds down to 28. I had been as high as 200+, and yes, I had a problem keeping up with all that. That's the problem with drinking from the firehose.

Anyway, the technical feeds I'm still subscribed to include the usual suspects -
- but one I added recently is Avery Lee's VirtualBlog. Having been away from video for a couple of years now, I'd forgotten how interesting it is, and also how damn smart Avery Lee is. He reminds of the CTO for my employer in Tampa, except that fellow was even smarter. Avery's posts also remind me I still have a hell of a lot to learn about system programming, which is effectively where I live these days.